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About Our Services

Free estimates
Everyone qualifies for a no-obligation, free estimate. Call owner Dan Allen directly at (806) 382-8139 to schedule yours.
Demo old countertops
We understand remodeling can be stressful. Let us demo your old countertops and we promise your kitchen will only be down for a day.
Countertop edging
Every installation by the Ultimate Surface comes with your choice of decorative edge. Ask about the many styles we offer.
Backsplahes finish your kitchen beautifully. Get your splash at the same time as your countertop for continuity in pattern and color.
Granite is a non-porous, easy-to-sanitize surface that won't scorch under a hot pan, which makes it great for preparing food in your kitchen.
Transform your bathroom with a granite countertop for your vanity. It will resist burning and staining.
Countertops and bars in your business likely see more traffic than those in a home. Granite is a durable, worry-free solution to wear and tear.
Replace your sink with one of our various stainless steel models or let us find the right one for you.
Scraps & Remnants
Our remnants are an affordable option for small jobs, and overturned FREE scrap pieces make a beautiful outdoor walkway or patio.

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